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London has always been one of my favourite cities in the world. Even though it's only 30 minutes on a train for me, it still feels special every time that I visit. I'm a massive foodie, and have been to many restaurants and bars in the city, and I thought I'd share some of my favourite places to go in this blog post.

There are a range of cuisines, and a real range of prices - so you'll definitely find at least one place on my list of favourites to suit you!

All of the eateries listed below can be found at Square Meal. Square Meal is a great website which lists thousands of restaurants, bars, wedding & party venues in one place; with reviews, contact information - and a really great reward scheme.


I wasn't going to write a blog post today. And I definitely wasn't going to write a blog post about this topic; but I shared a tweet this morning, and it had such an overwhelming response, that I wanted to share my experience.

Smear tests. Most women know that 6 months before your 25th birthday, a letter drops through your letterbox informing you that your first cervical screening test is due. I'll be honest - I have been dreading this moment for around a year now. I received my first letter in October 2018, as my 25th birthday is early March. I pushed it to the back of my mind until another letter came through a few weeks ago, with an information booklet. I reluctantly booked an appointment. 

I can honestly say that if my sister and mum hadn't had abnormal cells when they had their smear tests, I probably wouldn't have gone. I'd heard it was uncomfortable, and not a pleasant experience.

For anyone that doesn't know, a cervical screening test "involves taking a small sample of cells from the surface of your cervix. A device called a speculum will be put into your vagina and then used to open it gently. They then use a small brush to take a sample from the surface of your cervix". (NHS cervical screening leaflet)


If you've been following my blog for a while, you will know what a huge fan of the Red Eye series I am. So you can imagine my excitement when I was approached by Books2Door for an influencer partnership, and I could choose a book of my choice from their website, in exchange for a review. I saw this gorgeous 9 book collection of the Red Eye series, and couldn't resist.

Red Eye is described as: "From bone-chilling ghost stories, to tense psychological thrillers, to bloody murder mysteries, Red Eye has a book to grip every Horror fan." (Stripes). I devoured all of them in January, and I'm so excited to share mini-reviews of each of them!


Today, I have the incredible Alexandra Sheppard on my blog; chatting about why she wrote her debut novel, Oh My Gods - which is out now! Check out the synopsis - and Alex's post below!

Life as a half-mortal teenager should be epic. But, for Helen Thomas, it's tragic. She's just moved in with her dorky dad and self-absorbed older siblings - who happen to be the ancient Greek gods, living incognito in London Between keeping her family's true identities secret, trying to impress her new friends, and meeting an actually cute boy, Helen's stress levels are higher than Mount Olympus. She needs to rein in her chaotic family before they blow their cover AND her chances at a half-normal social life. Or is Helen fated for an embarrassment of mythical proportions?