Book and a Brew: July 2016 Unboxing

This month I placed my first order at bookandabrew.
Every month they send you a box of a tea and a new hardback book.
At only £12.99 a month, I honestly wasn't expecting much as I know how much some other subscription boxes charge for a similar product so I was extremely happy with what I was greeted with. The boxes are sent every month on the 15th and I received mine today. It looked like this:

Isn't it gorgeous? Already, I was excited. I do love a fancy box. 
When I opened the box, it looked like this: 

And I thought it looked absolutely stunning. It was all beautifully packaged and I couldn't wait to get stuck in. 

The information page that was included looked like this. Very simplistic but I loved it. 

Let's get to the most important part...the book:

Not only did I think the book was wrapped beautifully, the book looks amazing and I can't wait to read it. I will definitely be reviewing this on here. 

Carnival of Shadows
Kansas, 1959. When a travelling carnival appears overnight, the townsfolk of Seneca Falls are entranced. But the circus brings more than just magic and illusion to the small town; a dead man is discovered beneath the carousel. 

For FBI Special Agent Michael Travis, the world is clear cut. But there are a lot of grey areas on this case. The carnival folk are unwilling to answer a straight question and they begin to challenge Travis's once unshakable faith in solid facts and hard evidence...

As the investigation turns ever more disturbing, Travis is forced to question everything he believes in as dark and horrifying conspiracy comes to light.

Sounds amazing, right? 

Now moving on to the tea and in this month's box, there were two lots of tea included!

I think the emergency tea idea is so cute and that will be put straight into my handbag. The chocolate and mint teabags...yum. They smell just like mint matchmakers, absolutely heavenly and as soon as I've finished this post, I will be going to make myself a pot of chocolate and mint tea.

Honestly, I'm absolutely chuffed with this box and it's the one I will stay subscribed to. Mainly because it's affordable and gorgeous. At £12.99, you definitely can't go wrong. I'm in love with it and can't wait for August's box!

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