Just Us Box Review

So this month I decided to treat me and the hubby and ordered us a Just Us Date Night Subscription box. It was £30 but I had a 10% off code, so it was £27. I was still a little sceptical as that's still a lot of money but really wanted to give it a go as the previous month's had seemed fab. This month's theme was Feast, so I was really excited about getting it. 

It was filled to the brim with products:

x2 Shot Glasses
x1 Bottle of Elderflower Vodka
x1 Packet of Orange jelly
x2 Galaxy hot chocolate sachets
x2 Candles
x2 Candle holders
x10 Napkins
x1 Double sided lolly
x1 Miracle Froot tablet
x1 Lemon
x1 Can of Guinness
x1 Vinegar sachet
x1 Chocolate tasting kit
x2 Packets of gourmet popcorn
x1 Instruction booklet

I was really impressed with the amount it came with so we got straight into our first Just Us box date night:

Now, I've got to say me and my hubby aren't exactly the most patient pair or the most creative pair so we did the origami...but with great difficulty. Honestly, it ended up as more of a laugh because even with instructions, us two idiots had no idea what we were doing but we successfully managed to make one heart each...woohoo!

We then enjoyed the chocolate tasting. The idea was to let the chocolate melt on your tongue and see if you could guess from the list of chocolates provided what flavour it was...again, we failed miserably but the chocolate was delicious!

We then got stuck into the popcorn. We had 2 flavours. Caramel and Sea Salt and Goats Cheese and Black Pepper. They were absolutely gorgeous and there was a voucher with the box that gave us a pouch of the popcorn free so we will definitely be ordering from there.

 We had previously prepared the vodka jellies earlier that day and it was absolutely delicious. I only had the shot glass because I'm not a big drinker but my hubby ate the whole bowl...it really was yummy!

I think the funniest part of the night was the Miracle Frooties tablets. This tablet makes all sour foods taste sweet. We didn't believe this at all but thought we'd give it a go...and guess what? It actually worked! I drunk a whole sachet of vinegar and the hubby sucked a whole lemon and it tasted sweet! It was so bizarre but definitely hilarious.

We then snuggled up on the sofa with our hot chocolates and watched a film. It was absolutely perfect. We're saving our Strawberry and Sparkling wine flavoured double ended lolly for another night ;)

What with Christmas round the corner, I'm not sure I'll be able to afford this month's box, which is Craftmas but I'll definitely be ordering more in the future because it made such a nice change to have a proper date night indoors!

Order your box now from JustUsBox!

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