End of Year Update!

Considering I've only really started this blog up this year, I am so proud of what I've managed to achieve and that couldn't have been done without the support of every single one of you beautiful people reading what I babble on about. I never thought anyone would enjoy the things I choose to write about and talk about over on my YouTube channel. 2016 has been a fantastic year and I've made some great new friends; whether that be publishers, authors or fellow bloggers, I love you all! Now, as we head into the New Year, I have some very exciting news to announce which will make for a very busy 2017 for me. I've decided to write a book. I decided about an hour ago. I've wanted to write a book since I was a very little girl but I've never been inspired with an idea or motivated enough to write it. As I laid in bed at 7:30am, I had an idea; one that I couldn't stop hundreds of smaller ideas spouting from and the next thing I knew, I was sending my mum over a plot of the story-line. I realise it's going to take a lot of time and hard work, so as I head into 2017, my New Years resolutions are:
  • to write a children's book
  • to continue my blog/YouTube channel
  • stay inspired!
What are your resolutions going into 2017?

PS. If you are even half decent at drawing, I need your help. Please either leave me a comment below or email with the contact form to the right. It's for something really exciting. 

Happy New Year everyone xxxxx

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