A Letter to My 15 Year Old Self

Dear Zoe,
This is the easiest your life will be. You don't know about the worries of being an adult and you've got far more freedom than when you were a child, so enjoy it. I know your straight A's have been slipping recently and you're starting to think that being popular and attractive is just as important as being academically smart. In short: it isn't. Focus on your grades and be the best you can be. Don't worry that you're not the prettiest, don't worry that you haven't got a boyfriend, don't worry that you're not seen as "cool", you have the most amazing bunch of friends already that you'll still be best friends with 10 years on, so focus on them. 

When your YouTube channel reaches 50,000 views and the "cool" kids at school find out and bully you about it, DO NOT DELETE IT. Girl, they're jealous and you can be a successful YouTuber and you are a good singer, it will take you years to find out though and years for you to regain that confidence that those kids so horribly diminished. 

Boys? Forget them. They seem so important at 15 but all they do is put an unwanted pressure on you that you don't need. When the time is right, someone will come along and sweep you off your feet; trying to get any boy's attention just to be normal isn't worth it. I know I told you to focus on grades, and do, but don't stop gigging, meeting new friends and falling in love with new bands; in 8 years time you'll look back and they will be the memories that you treasure most. 

I know life feels hard now; trust me, I know. In reality, when you're older, times will be harder but nothing will feel as hard as being a teenager and feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. 

Back to grades: if you screw up (which you do, sorry for the spoiler!), don't crumble on the school toilets floor and bawl your eyes out. So what? You got C's instead of A's. You'll find the perfect career for you, despite the pressure school puts on you to get unattainable grades. Exams? I know you hate them, I know you will crumble so much that you end up taking exams in a separate room to everyone else and you will even walk out of some of them. DON'T WALK OUT. Especially history ones. You can do it. You haven't discovered Rescue Remedy yet but you will and they will be a lifesaver. 

Finally, have fun. You don't enjoy life as much as you should for a 15 year old. And you already have an amazing group of friends, so go out and grab life by the balls. Realise now that you're in control of your life and you can achieve whatever you want to do; sadly, you won't realise this until you're 23. 

All my love,

An older, wiser you x

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