Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted working space. We live in a small one-bedroom flat near London so I knew an office room was completely out of the question; even a desk seemed a luxury. After a lot of moving things around, I now have a desk; my own personal working space. 

You might think it doesn't make a difference but my god, it does. It's made me so much more focused, more motivated. It was put up yesterday and already, I've recorded two videos and made one blog post, which is more than I've been able to do for a week or two. It helps that I've had a reasonably good few hours, health wise but I'm just so happy with it.

Look how cute my drawer is? It's filled with stationery that is absolutely filled with ideas for this blog and my YouTube channel.

I feel like with a tidy desk, comes a tidy mind and all of my dreams seem that little bit more achievable. 

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