REVIEW: Blogging/Vlogging Planners

I think any blogger/vlogger will agree: stationery is a big part of your life. So what better way to get motivated than using planners for your ideas. I love a good planner and I discovered both of these via Twitter. If you would like to buy either of these, you can find The Ultimate Blog Planner (£12.50) at dotcreates and The YouTube Video Planner (£7.99) at TContentCreator.

The Ultimate Blog Planner

The Ultimate Blog Planner is absolutely beautiful. I find it really hard to keep track on where I'm at with each blog post, whether I'm just starting it or just finishing it, this planner helps you keep on top of whatever you're working on. I will usually work on a few blog posts at a time, so having an entire page dedicated to each one, it keeps your ideas organised and tidy. I think it's a fantastic price, it really is a thick planner and will last a very long time, no matter how little or often you blog.

Things I love: ➤ Motivational quotes throughout
                           ➤ The amount of detail on each page
     ➤ It's simply stunning

Things I would like: ➤ Would love an A4 version! I write a lot!

The YouTube Video Planner

The YouTube Video Planner is more like a notepad than a planner. You can fill out a plan and once you've done, rip off the top one and start again. It has an A4 sized page for each project and gives you a lot of room to put down your ideas. I love the sheer volume of detail this one has, down to what thumbnail you're using and what your sub count is at the time; I think it's the finer details on this one that makes it so fabulous. 

When I opened the parcel, I was touched to find a card inside, I opened it and was greeted with the card below, with a lovely message inside; I thought this was a lovely touch.

Things I love:  ➤ The size of the notepad
                        ➤ The detail on each page
                      ➤ They make it personal
          ➤ Free Delivery!

               Things I would like: ➤ Would like it to feel more like a planner

Overall, both of these are amazing aids to make your channel or blog even better, so make sure you check out both of these and give them a chance, because they are fabulous!

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