What We Once Were

The years just keep slipping away,
It'a getting harder and harder to know what to say,
I told you I was married, said I'd left home,
Still no reply, still staring at my phone.

Not only a woman, but now a wife,
Still no sign of you coming back in my life,
I'm ill, I'm sick, almost wheelchair-bound,
Where are you now? Nowhere to be found.

I love you, I miss you, of course I do,
You thought I didn't need you, cause I found someone new,
You were used to me there, I was used to it too,
I think you forget that, life changed for me too.

I tried for a while and the tears, they did fall,
Other people got involved so you didn't call,
I wasn't like them and for me, that was okay,
But it wasn't for you, so you pushed me away.

We probably won't speak, but you're still part of my world,
I'm a married woman now, but still your little girl.

Life got in the way, I understand,
But I still have big dreams, still have big plans,
And I will achieve them, you wait and see,
If you were still around, you'd be proud of me.

The ramblings of me at 8am on a Tuesday morning. Not the most light-hearted poem but writing most definitely makes me feel better. I'm doing a lot of spontaneous posts at the moment, that aren't necessarily book-related; I hope you're enjoying them.
Zoe x

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