For the Many, Not the Few

This is an unscheduled post and I felt like I had to write this post in light of today's events. I did a poll over on my Twitter where the majority of you said you wanted me to write this post so here it is. I don't claim to know much about politics, nor have I really been interested in them over the years and I'm sure many of you reading this will be in the same position.

I know my audience is predominantly 18-25 year olds and it's to you, that I say thank you. Thank you for a record turnout of voting in our age bracket (72%!). Thank you for actively trying to make a change. Thank you for believing that we could do this together. No matter who you voted for, what we did was amazing.

I know we didn't get the result that we wanted but the Conservatives didn't either and that's what we've got to remember, and what we should be proud of. Theresa May was expected to win by a landslide and because of us, she ended up not even getting the majority of seats in this election.

It has been a rough 12 months, not just for the UK but for the rest of the world too. In a world that has elected Trump and a world where the UK has voted to leave the EU (both of which I'm sure many of you were against, like myself), I had very little faith in humanity and what was happening to the world. I want to thank Jeremy Corbyn for being the glimmer of hope that we needed.

Today was not just about Corbyn winning, in fact (although it would have been incredible!), we have to celebrate the things we have achieved today. So let's celebrate them! It has been a record turnout for voting - the highest since 1997! There are more female MPs than there has ever been before! A record number of young people voted. This election has also achieved something I didn't think possible at the moment - giving people hope. A country that is completely divided politically but is joining together for some of the things that matter most - now that is important.

Jeremy Corbyn, I want to thank you for being exactly what this country needed. His manifesto and beliefs were something I never thought I'd see from a politician in my lifetime and that is why I got so involved in this election and have found a new found passion in politics. I know he's not everyone's cup of tea but he's certainly mine and quite clearly, millions of others. He radiates what so many other politicians don't - authenticity. And a love for the working class.

I'm worried about this country now. With a coalition from the Conservatives and the DUP, we can only watch and wait for the chaos to unfold and hope for the best. Be proud of what we've achieved though and what we can continue to achieve, if we just stand united.

I am so proud to be a 23 year old in the UK right now. We may not have won but we're one step closer to a better future for us and our future generations.

Thanks for reading,
Zoe x


  1. 100% agree with you about Corbyn's authenticity, it gives me hope for what he can do for us in the future. Also, the diversity of elected MPs is inspiring: 2 representing disability and 10 new BAME MPs! A step towards a more representative government I hope xx

    1. It definitely does, he's an incredible man and I'm so excited for what he does next. YES, we might not be there yet but we're definitely making a start for a better world xx