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The Devil's Poetry
Rating: 4.5/5
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Source: e-copy for part of the blog tour (Released 13th June 2017)

Questions are dangerous but answers can be deadly.

Callie’s world will be lost to war – unless she can unlock the magic of an ancient manuscript. She and her friends will be sent to the front line. Many of them won’t come back. When a secret order tells her she can bring peace by reading from a book, it seems an easy solution - too easy. Callie soon finds herself hunted, trapped between desperate allies and diabolical enemies. The Order is every bit as ruthless as the paranormal Cadaveri. 

Callie can only trust two people – her best friend and her ex-marine bodyguard. And they are on different sides. She must decide: how far will she go to stop a war? 

Dare she read this book? What’s the price - and who pays it? 

I got asked to be part of the blog tour of this book and how could I say no? I love a good YA thriller and this book certainly didn't disappoint. I think YA thrillers are very far and few in between so when I find a good one, I do love to rave about it. (Alex Bell, I'm looking at you!)

This book is set in the midst of what is looking like it could be World War III. I think this book is so relevant to today, as if the world continues the way it is currently, we could be there ourselves soon.

The story focuses on 17 year old Callie. Callie lives in a time where children are being selected and being sent to fight for their country as they need the troops, so everyone (men and women) are living each day in fear of being chosen.

One day at school, Callie is given a book by a man named Jace and she soon realises that this book isn't just an ordinary book and is the cause of her being hunted by some very dangerous people...

The book she's given has the power to influence the world and bring peace, no matter how short lived that may be. Only a chosen few in the world are able to read from this book and The Order (Jace) believes that she may be one of them.

We are then taken round twists and turns as we try to discover, along with Callie, who's good? Who's evil? Who can she trust and who isn't as they first seemed? And is she willing to pay the ultimate price for the world to be at peace?

I thought the relationship between Jace and Callie wasn't as believable as I'd have liked because they went from friends, to being in love, without any real description or explanation but saying that, it's the only real niggle I had about this book. Their relationship was definitely believable at the end and I thought they were a lovely couple.

I really enjoyed Callie's character development throughout the book and I loved seeing how her confidence and maturity blossomed throughout the book, as she came into her own and found herself. She was a very relatable character and I think that's a must for any protagonist.

It was beautifully written and fast-paced, which are just the kind of books I enjoy getting my teeth into. I believe this is the first in a series and I can't wait to see what Louise has in store for us next!

Thank you for letting me be part of this blog tour and hope you all enjoy the book!

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