Guest Post: Murder Games Review by Louise Bodle

'There'll be a lot written about me. That I was evil. That I was cruel and unjust. But you know what the truth is, and, in time, so will others. Because you know me, Professor. You've already written about me. For everything that I am, everything that I've done, the one thing I'm not is abnormal, and you know it. I'm the asterisk, the exception that proves the rule. Crazy is our security blanket, the word we use instead of the truth when the truth scares us even more. Justice isn't blind. It's lazy.'

Title: Murder Games
Author: James Patterson & Howard Roughan
Summary: 'The next hand he deals you may be your last. A serial killer is loose on the streets of Manhattan. His victims appear to be total strangers. The only clue that unites the crimes is the playing card left behind at each scene that hints at the next target.' (Goodreads)
Bought/Borrowed: Bought from WHSmiths

This was my first ever James Patterson book and I genuinely cannot believe I have never read a book of his before. His style of writing is my favourite. It flows incredibly well which makes for an easy read and short chapters are an added bonus! Murder Games caught my attention on the shelf due to it's eye catching cover. Never judge a book by it's cover right? I'm the worst for this, but in this case, my judgement was spot on!

Dr Dylan Reinhart was a Professor at a college and when his book mysteriously appears at a crime scene the NYPD need his help solving the series of murders that are about to take place.
I loved that we were shown into Dylan's family and personal life throughout the book as this really helped with his character development and I am just a little bit disappointed that the same was not applied to Elizabeth, his partner in crime.  It would have been interesting to read more about who she was behind being a detective. This was my only real blip I felt that I had with the book, however that is just my personal opinion and did not affect the story-line.

Murder mysteries are my go to books if I'm looking for something to really get me thinking and this was no different, I was constantly rattling solutions through my brain whilst reading this. It did not have a huge twist reveal at the end which I was half expecting, however everything tied together nicely and the story made perfect sense so there was no need for a dramatic twist. This was quite a nice change as I often find that stories do not feel complete without a huge twist.

Overall Murder Games was a great read and if you love mysteries then you should definitely pick a copy up! Thank you James and Howard, I will be sure to pick up more of your books in the future!

BIO: My name is Louise, I am 23 years old and I live in Bournemouth with my fiance & 2 year old son Alex. I am a lifestyle blogger over at louisebodlex and blog about anything & everything I enjoy in life. ❤😘 xx

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