Spotlight Blog: Golden Books Girl - Guest Post

First up on my Spotlight blog of the week is the person that inspired the idea for me. A person that has shown enthusiasm, passion and friendship to everyone in the blogging community, since starting a few months ago. I've watched her grow and promoted her all I can but I wanted to help more, she deserved more. So I thought of the idea and asked if she'd be my first Spotlight blog. I chose Amy from Golden Books Girl. She is a book blogger and I know has taken the blogging community by storm. I'm sure many of you reading this already know her and if you don't, go and click on her blog link now and check her out. She is so lovely and reminded me why I started and continued blogging. 

Want to know why Amy started blogging? Read on to find out more...

Hi everyone! I`m so excited to write this post today as I love Zoe`s blog and YouTube channel, and I have a lot of fun chatting with her every day on Twitter.

The topic Zoe suggested to me was the reasons why I started blogging, and the honest answer is I`m not sure, but once I started thinking about this post I've came up with a few.

  • I love reading blogs - For several years now, I've loved reading book bloggers such as YA Yeah Yeah, Tales of Yesterday and Booklover Jo, as well as getting into watching YouTubers such as Lucy Powrie, Amber Kirk-Ford and George Lester over the past few months. Their posts and videos made me want to share my reviews and other bookish thoughts so since I hate the sound of my voice/the way I look on camera, blogging seemed like the best way for me to express my thoughts.
  • I thought it may help with university applications/applying for jobs - This is a much more cynical answer, but as I`m going to have to apply to university in a few years and good results aren't always going to get you a place any more, I followed advice I`d heard from a careers adviser and started up a blog.
  • I wanted to meet others who love books - I don`t know anyone in real life who loves books anywhere near as much as I do, and I LOVE chatting about books. Starting a blog and getting a Twitter account have allowed me to do that, and it`s amazing. I've especially loved joining in with chats such as #ukyachat (which I've followed silently for years) The book community are, in the main, wonderful people and I love the fact that I can count myself as a member.
  • I needed to get over my technophobia - I`m not phobic of technology in that I don`t use it; the problem is that I`m awful at it! I`ll admit negotiating WordPress/social media is the thing I find toughest about blogging, but I think (and, *cough*, I THINK I`m slowly getting used to using both and I don`t find it so hard anymore to get posts online)
  • I love writing posts - Even though keeping on schedule with posts is a pain sometimes (and requires a mammoth amount of self-motivation), it`s usually a lot of fun to decide what posts I want to write and when. I`ve not come across one yet that I`ve wholeheartedly hated writing, and I hope I`ll never get tired of writing posts. I`m trying to diversify my site`s content and come up with new ideas constantly, so if it turns out readers enjoy posts I`ve come up with it makes my day.


  1. Thank you so much for having me Zoe! You are one of the loveliest people I've ever met, let alone since I started blogging. Amy xxx

    1. Thank you for doing it :) That's so lovely of you! Lots of love Amy xx