Want To Be My Spotlight Blog?

I wouldn't normally post on a Sunday but I'm starting something very exciting tomorrow. There are so many fabulous blogs around at the moment and I thought it would be great to help showcase as many of you as possible. Every week (starting tomorrow), I will have a guest blog piece posted on Monday from a different blogger and will promote them on my social medias for the remainder of the week.

I'm really excited to start this. If you'd like the chance to be a spotlight blog, please email (zoecollins1994@gmail.com) or direct message me (@zcollins1994) with your blog information and we can discuss blog ideas and dates.

I'd love to have as many of you be a part of this as possible. I'd like it to be predominantly book bloggers but I'm open to any blogs applying! 

Hope to hear from you soon! Check the sidebar tomorrow to see who I've picked as my first spotlight blogger...