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Hello lovely people. I'm sure many of you know that the new Zoella and Friends Book Club is finally out! I have absolutely loved being involved in the previous two Zoella Book Clubs with WHSmith and for the latest one, I thought I'd host my own Zoella Book Club chat. My first unboxing video had the most wonderful feedback and a lot of the comments suggested reading them together and then asking what order I would be reading the books in etc, so this blog post will explain all.

Every Saturday, I will post a video review over on my channel here at 5pm of the book that we're discussing that evening. That way, if you haven't got round to reading the book, you can watch my review and still join in. At 6pm, the chat will start and I'll be choosing discussion points for the hour (if there's anything you'd like to talk about in particular, feel free to message me!). At 7pm, when the chat's over, I will post a graphic of what we'll be discussing at the next chat and when it will be. I would love as many of you to get involved as possible! The feedback to this idea has been great already.

The order of the books is something I'm getting asked a lot. As many of you probably know by now, the first book we'll be discussing is MOXIE by Jennifer Mathieu. All information on the first chat can be found here:

Followed by:

WEEK 2: The Start of Me and You 

WEEK 3: Orbiting Jupiter

WEEK 4: History is All You Left Me

WEEK 5: The One Memory of Flora Banks

WEEK 6: After the Fire

WEEK 7: Girlhood

WEEK 8: Letters to the Lost

If you have any other questions or want to know anything else about the Zoella Book Club chat, just let me know!

Thanks, Z x

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