Spotlight Blog: Louise Bodle - Guest Post

This week's blogger is someone that will always have a special place in my heart. She was my first friend online. At aged 14/15. Yes, I've known Louise for almost 10 years. She showed me that I could find my tribe online and I was so happy when she decided to start her own blog around a year ago. She's honest, a fabulous writer, a wonderful blogger and above all, a great friend. Read her story on who she is as a blogger...

Who Am I As A Blogger?

Hello, I'm Louise from and I just wanted to say thank you to Zoe for having me feature on her blog! It's an honour 😊.

A little under a year ago, I was sat scrolling through my phone, reading people's blog post about the latest beauty product/fashion item/book/film/TV shows and I just thought to myself. I could do this. Okay, so I'm not very up to date with make up and fashion, but that doesn't mean I do not enjoy these things. 

When I started my blog, I wanted it to be a place for me and me alone. I didn't want to fall into the bracket of 'beauty blogger' or 'lifestyle blogger' or even 'book blogger' - (however if that works for you, great!) I wanted to keep my options open and be able to post about whatever I wanted. Purely because I truly did not know who I was as a blogger and to be completely honest with you, a year down the line, I still don't.

I have made some incredible friends both online and offline through blogging and each of these people are truly incredible in their own way. They all run their own blogs in their own ways and I absolutely LOVE that blogging truly gives you that power. 

A while back, I stopped posting because I became so obsessed with my stats and my following and the fact that I didn't have a self hosted website yet. Others around me were achieving bigger and better than I had ever dreamed but then I realised that I was the only person holding myself back. I needed to go back to the root of why I started writing reviews for things... because I wanted to. No other reason. If I continue to write for me then I will continue to enjoy blogging.

To this day, I still don't know what type of blogger I am, or if I truly fit in anywhere. But I am learning every day. And for now I will continue to write about what I enjoy most, whether that is books/films/beauty products. Who knows! I'm just going with the flow and having fun. Remember blogging is for you and you do not have to answer to anyone. 

L x