As cliched as it sounds, this tweet changed everything for me.

How many times have you sat a desk and stared at a blank white page until your eyes started to blur? For years I've thought of the most wonderful ideas and simply told myself, "you're not capable of putting this into words, you just have a head full of ideas and that's all they'll ever be". I think I'd almost programmed my brain to think that way. 

So when I sat at my desk to work and the next whirlwind idea entered my mind, I expressed my frustration on Twitter. "Why do I have an inability formulate my ideas into sentences?", I shouted into the void. That's when Liz tweeted me, "Yes you do! Your blog posts again and again prove that". I sat there staring at that tweet for the longest time. What a revelation this was. I had been putting ideas into sentences for two years and I hadn't even been aware of it

I'm not sure why, but writing blog posts and writing a book had always seemed like two entirely different things for me, but is it really? You start with a nugget of an idea, you plan it, you sit at a desk, with an empty blank page, and type. Of course, a book is on a much larger scale but the process is the same.

Now I'm here. I've planned my book idea in a brand new notebook, sat down at my desk and have written the prologue and am part way through chapter one. Now that may not seem like a mind-blowing start to most of you but to me, it is just that: a start. Further than I've managed to get with writing a book in the past.

I wanted to update you guys on this because if I'm absent from social media for a while, or my posts go up a little later than usual, please remember: I've started a new project and hopefully it'll all be worth it in the end.

You might be a blogger who's dreaming of becoming a writer and you just need to be reminded: we already are. And we show the world that on a daily basis. Our time to shine will come, we just won't put a time frame on it. 

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  1. Can totally relate to the writer's block problem but sometimes you just need a little inspiration. Best of luck for your project, looking forward to more posts from you soon.