All Katharine & Elizabeth Corr Want for Christmas Is...

Hello everyone! We both LOVE Christmas, so we’re very excited to be part of Zoe’s Blogmas this year! We’re actually chatting about our choices as we write this, so here are our Christmas lists, captured in real-time for your entertainment…

5 people I want to spend Christmas with
Liz: I’m choosing Harry Potter, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, Susan Cooper and Edward Cullen. I think that would be an interesting social mix. Susan Cooper I’d have just because I love her writing.
Kate: Seriously? Donald Trump? Also, I notice I’m not on your list.
Liz: Like I said, an interesting mix.
Kate: *makes note to spend MUCH LESS on Liz’s present* Well, I’m assuming my family will turn up whether I invite them or not –
Liz: Yep.
Kate: – so my CHOSEN five guests would be Neil Gaiman, Jane Austen, the Beowulf poet (we’ll assume the purposes of this exercise that she/he will be able to speak modern English), Chris Hemsworth (he has to come dressed as Thor, obviously) and Sue Perkins.

4 books I want under my tree
Liz: So, my list includes The Book of Dust (Philip Pullman), The Cruel Prince (Holly Black), A Christmas Carol (a Dicken’s classic) and a new copy of The Dark is Rising (Susan Cooper). A fabulous mix of old and new to bring in the New Year.
Kate: I also want a new copy of The Dark is Rising (I have two already but one of them is a slightly unwieldly omnibus edition and the other is so old and well-read it’s falling to bits). As well as that, I’d like Harry Potter: A History of Magic (from the British Museum exhibition), The Girl who saved Christmas (Matt Haig) and Murder on Christmas Eve (short stories by various people including the brilliant GK Chesterton).

3 Christmas foods

Liz: Mince pies, Christmas pudding and stollen. I’m a sugar addict.

Kate: Christmas pudding (plus brandy butter, because that's an accompaniment not a separate food group, so I definitely get that as an extra). Turkey (with cranberry sauce, also an accompaniment). Stilton cheese. Not all together though – that would be horrible. Probably. Although, having said that, I’m now thinking about a turkey, stilton and Christmas pudding sandwich…

Liz: If you try to serve me one of those at Christmas I might actually have to kill you. Plus, I disagree about brandy butter because a) you’re cheating, and b) it’s definitely a separate food group. I certainly treat it as one…

2 Christmas films

Liz: The Holiday and Die Hard. Nothing says Christmas like Die Hard.

Kate: There are two films I re-watch every Christmas, so this is actually quite easy. I'd choose White Christmas and the Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol.

1 Christmas song
Liz: Let it Snow. I love that song. They should play that all year round. It’s also featured in Die Hard. Not that I’m a die-hard Die Hard fan. Or am I…?
Kate: The Coventry Carol. I love that it’s really old, basically. Also, the verse about Herod slaying the little children appeals to my dark side. Does that make me sound weird and evil?
Liz: Err… course not… *edging away* *hastily booking somewhere very distant to spend Christmas*

Thanks so much for hosting us Zoe, and merry Christmas everyone!

Hello from the Corr sisters! As well as sisters we are also best friends, try writing a book with someone else and you'll see why that last bit is kind of important.

After spending our childhood in Essex, we now live ten minutes away from each other in Surrey. We both studies History at university and went to work in London for a bit. So, when we both decided to write novels - on account of fictional people being much easier to deal with than real ones - it was obvious we should do it together.


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