Guest Post: Why I Love Libraries by Golden Books Girl

Why I Love Libraries
  • They were a huge part of my childhood- When I was young, I used to go to the library almost every Saturday morning with my dad. A lot of (although not all) of the books that I consider childhood favourites are ones I discovered on such a trip. Before I discovered the wonder of reserving a book we also did a tour of all the libraries in my area so that I could find even more new books to read.
  • I get to read books for free- The concept of libraries will never stop blowing my mind. They enable us to read books we might not otherwise be able to afford (I can buy some books but certainly not ALL of the ones I want to read. I`d be bankrupt in days). I`m so thankful that they still do exist, considering some closures in the area and massive budget cuts.
  • The reservation system- As I touched on in my 1st point, I think the reservation system is pretty flipping cool. Especially now I`ve discovered the online system and I can do this in a click of a button or two, I reserve WAY more books than I probably should do and max out my card on an almost monthly basis (I currently have it down to 8 books. I`m most proud of myself)
  • I did my work experience there- I was lucky enough to spend a week on work experience at my local library and it was pretty wonderful. I got to know some of the staff quite well (and met some others I`d never known before) and now every time I`m in it`s really great to see them. It also made me realise that I`d really like to work in a library again at some point in my life.
  • It feels like home- Call me cheesy if you like. My library is, to me, like a second home of a sort. I know it like the back of my hand; it feels safe; I love being there. Home. And it`s one I never want to see gone.
Thank you so much for reading! Why do you love your library? Do you agree with any of my reasons? Let me know in the comments or on my Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl

Amy xxx

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