nosaferplace Book Club: All That She Can See

All That She Can See

Author: Carrie Hope Fletcher

Publisher: Sphere

Read why I chose All That She Can See as my nosaferplace Book Club pick here:

I thought long and hard about the book I wanted to choose for my book club. It's not necessarily my favourite book I've read this year (although, it is one of my favourites!). I chose this book because it is so unique and a really interesting concept that was completely new to me.

I won't give a full review because I have already reviewed it on my blog but here's my brief synopsis of the book.

The story focuses on Cherry Redgrave; a positive, bubbly girl who always sees the best in people...even though she literally sees the worst. Cherry has an ability. The ability to see what other people's negative emotions are. She calls them "Meddlums". They are essentially monsters, invisible to everyone else but Cherry (or so she thinks) that represent an emotion that other people are feeling.

Cherry has the ability to put good feelings into her baking, so travels the the UK helping out people that need her good feelings the most. This idea completely fascinated me. Not only is it original but an utterly beautiful idea. I've seen Carrie say a few times that she wished she was more like Cherry but Cherry's positive, happy outlook on life, no matter what hand she was dealt with, reminded me of Carrie so much.

Cherry moves onto the next stop of her Flour Power Tour and meets Chase. Chase is one of the most miserable, bitter people Cherry has ever met. She discovers that he is just like her, except he can see all the positive feelings people have, so Cherry just can't understand why he's turned out the way he is. And then we meet the Guild of Feelers and their world as they know it, is turned upside down...

Read the full review here: All That She Can See

Carrie is one of my favourite authors and she always publishes books with the most original ideas. I also really wanted to discuss this book! I find the discussion of whether this book comes under the fantasy genre is really interesting. Yes, it involves a sprinkling of magic but it is set in a very contemporary setting. I will definitely be including this question and I am so excited to talk about this book!

If you've read it, please let me know your thoughts. If you've not - what are you waiting for?

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  1. Though i could not get a chance to read carrie the author. But the book review says she is a very talented writer and i must read her books.