So as the end of the year draws nearer, I thought I'd reflect on some of my blogging/YouTubing achievements this year. When I started this year, I'd lost motivation for blogging, YouTubing and reading. I read a book called After the Fire and it ignited the flame (excuse the pun!) and gave me a reason to do all of the things I love again.

In June, I lost my job and my world was turned upside down - it was then I took on blogging and YouTubing full-time. Something that was terrifying, yet exciting. In 2 months, I'd managed to triple my traffic, followers and subscribers on everything. I was throwing everything into my work and it was paying off. Hard work always does.

  • Bought my first vlogging camera
    This was huge for me. I started the year with 100 subscribers, a number I was thrilled with, but I wanted my videos to be bigger and better. In February, I spent £600 on a new camera and equipment and I'm almost at 700 subscribers 9 months later. My camera is like an extra body part now.
  • Reached 500 subscribers
    My goal for NEXT MAY was 300. I'm now almost at 700. I'm not quite sure how or why that happened but you guys seem to like my videos. And my blog. And for that, I'm eternally grateful.
  • I interviewed one of my favourite actors
    I still struggle with this one. Sam Underwood is one of the most incredible actors and one day, I found myself emailing him an interview request - one that he gladly accepted and it is one of my favourite blog pieces ever ( Also went to see him in Edinburgh, he's a great guy!
  • Got drunk with my favourite author
    You'll remember me mentioning After the Fire as the book that brought me back into blogging. Well, in July, I got drunk with the author of said book! I never imagined this one would be ticked off my blogger bucket list but I have never been more proud to be 5th in a pub quiz before. I'm not sure it helps when half the team members are drunk...
  • Started my own book club
    The nosaferplace and Friends Book Club was launched a few weeks back and I never imagined the response it would have from followers, bloggers, publishers and authors. We're almost at the end of the first one - and I really hope it's the first of many.
  • Worked alongside WHSmith
    Writing for WHSmith is one of my proudest achievements as a blogger. Going onto their blog and seeing my writing/recommendations is something I still struggle to get my head around now. And the fact they send me the Zoella Book Club books? It blows my mind. Talking of Zoella - she noticed my videos this year!
  • Launching my own business
    I HAVE MY OWN BOOK SUBSCRIPTION BOX BUSINESS. This was a huge one for me, that I never in my wildest dreams (see what I did there?) thought possible. And not only did I launch but we sold out of preorders in under 4 hours. How insane is that? Check it out here.
  • I was in a book
    This has always been at the top of my blogger list for as long as I could remember. A quote of mine in a book has been the dream. So when I got tweeted a photo of my quote in a copy of Charlotte Says by Alex Bell (one of my favourites), I cried for a very long time.
  • I speak to my idols
    This one baffles me. In April, I got invited to an event with Giovanna Fletcher and spoke to her for around 30 minutes. Not only is she one of my favourite authors, but also an inspiration. After meeting her, we speak on Twitter and I also speak to Tom Fletcher (he bloody posted my videos!), one of my childhood idols. Mind. Blown.
  • I read 100 books
    This is a little premature as I've only read 91 but I have 2 months left, I'm optimistic on this one...

There are so many things I could add. I did a 24 hour readathon and raised over £700 for charity that raises money for people like me (PoTS sufferers), whilst bringing together 24 AMAZING YA authors and bloggers (that was a monumental task in itself!), reading 10 books in 24 hours, kicking anxiety's arse and going to events and meeting some amazing new friends, doing my first book cover reveal, being invited to book launches, reaching 20,000 YouTube views (now I'm at 35k), collaborating for the first time, being sent more books than I can review, doing my first sponsored video and first sponsored blog post - I could honestly go on all day.

Sometimes it's important to look back on what you've achieved and realise how amazing you are - and how far you've really come. I've done all this whilst battling a chronic illness that seems to worsen by the day. I've achieved all this despite all the battles and struggles I've faced. I haven't hid them, I've probably shared more than any of you ever wanted to know but the amount of messages I get of people sharing their stories because I've shared mine - it makes it all worth while.

The last goal on my list is winning an award. I'm not holding out hope on this one but I did say that about my name being in a book and I managed that (somehow). Nominating me for a UKYA Blogger Award would mean the world, so if you feel I'm worthy, you can vote here: UKYABA. I have some amazing blogging friends, so give them a vote too.

Celebrate what you've achieved this year and tag me in your post. I'd love to read and share the celebrations with you. We've all done amazing things this year. And I'm sure next year will be full of even more.

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