All Brigid Kemmerer Wants For Christmas Is...

5 people you'd want to spend Christmas with:

After my husband, mother, and kids, of course:
Carrie Fisher
Alexander Hamilton
Sabaa Tahir
Jake Tapper
Sophie Kinsella
(That is seriously the most random list of people but I love them all.) 

4 Books you want under your tree this Christmas:

Oh wow! What a tough question!

A REAPER AT THE GATES by Sabaa Tahir (I seriously can't wait. If she came to my fictional Christmas dinner, I'd read it right there in front of her.)
A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens (I've never read the book)
THE WITCH DOESN'T BURN IN THIS ONE by Amanda Lovelace (Her first book of poems was PHENOMENAL)
PRINCE IN DISGUISE by Stephanie Kate Strohm (I saw someone raving on Twitter and pre-ordered it immediately)

3 Christmas foods:

Ham with honeyed crust
Mashed potatoes

2 Christmas films you couldn't live without:

"The Family Man" with Nicholas Cage and Tea Leoni. 
"Christmas Vacation" with Chevy Chase and Beverly DeAngelo

1 Christmas song:

"O Holy Night" No contest! I could sing you the whole song, by heart, right now.

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