All Chantelle and Marcus Want For Christmas Is...

Hiya! We're Chantelle and Marcus - Library Volunteer and Librarian and organisers of CHCC YA Fest ( /

5 people you'd want to spend Christmas with (can be family, friends, fellow authors, celebs (dead or alive), be as creative as you want!)
Chantelle - Well, and I swear I'm not a Grinch, but I'm not a fan of being surrounded by loads of people. I suppose five people isn't loads...  Books. Books, folks, are what I like to be surrounded by. So much quieter, am I right? Of course I am 😉 But, for you, I will choose five people. The only person I need really is my mum (Cue the 'Awwwws' haha). I have a soft spot for Ant & Dec because they make me laugh - do they count as one person? Ellen DeGeneres because she's my idol. Darn it. I just thought... I know I said I don't want to be surrounded by people but I would love for Gansey and co. from The Raven Boys to be there. This is my chance to be one of the gang! I'm going to be a rebel - who knew I had it in me huh? - and count them as one. (They're a package deal.)

Marcus - Well, call me old fashioned, but for me Christmas is all about family – spending Christmas with my wife, the kids, mum and dad and the in-laws would be PERFECT. :D

4 Books you want under your tree this Christmas (they don't have to be Christmassy - the books also don't have to be YA, can be MG, Children's or Adult)
Chantelle - I don't really read Christmassy books.
I think I'm getting the illustrated Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
Ooh I'm also getting Iron Gold by Pierce Brown, which won't be under the tree because it's on pre-order.
Chloe Seagers next book if she can write it in the next couple weeks because I just read Editing Emma and loved it.
A book detailing how to get magical powers - my dream!
Marcus - An advanced copy of Obsidio (Illuminae files book 3) by Kristoff and Kauffman please?! – I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of the 1st in the series whilst reviewing titles for the Radio 2 book club.  I was BLOWN AWAY and can’t wait for this to come out. The Book of Dust volume 1: La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman - His Dark Materials was another series that absolutely took over my life – I loved it, and never quite understood why it wasn’t as popular as a certain other magical children’s series… 😲 Armada by Ernest Cline – I’m so excited (and equally apprehensive) for the release of Ready Player One in the cinema next year – the book was amazing; I’m eager to check out Cline’s other work. One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus – I know nothing about this book/author except the blurb! – and I’m so intrigued to find out more….

3 Christmas foods (You can only choose 3 foods to eat around Christmas time, what would you choose?)
Chantelle -

Crispy roast potatoes.
Fruit cake.
Marcus - Er…



And Champagne !

(Chantelle - Marcus, these are not food groups lol.)

2 Christmas films you couldn't live without (As long as it's based around the Christmas holidays, that's fine!)
Chantelle -
Why only two?! Whyyyyyyyyyy. Eenie, meanie, miney, mo...

The Santa Claus movie with Tim Allen.
Jack Frost
Marcus - It’s a Wonderful Life (I love James Stewart in anything!)

Die Hard – this is the ultimate Christmas film (I even have a Die Hard Christmas jumper 😉 )

(Chantelle - I'm going to make him wear this to the library 😆)

1 Christmas song (Only one Christmas song you can listen to on repeat around Christmas!)
Chantelle - What is this madness? Only one? I've been listening to Christmas music for days and I can't choose! Can I do a mash up that only lasts the duration of one song? Haha. 
White Christmas by Bing Crosby if I really had to choose.
Marcus - It’s gotta be All together (at Christmas Time) by Andy and the Odd Socks! Classic in the making! 😉
(Omg, he's totally biased. He is a member of Andy and the Odd Socks 😜 haha.)

So there you have it. What Chantelle and Marcus Want for Christmas. (Chantelle - What I really want is my own island but that wasn't an option. 😃)

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