All Charlotte, Somewhere Wants For Christmas Is...

5 People I'd Want to Spend Christmas With
I'm going to start with the sentimental ones: my granddad and my great-nana. I would give just about anything for one more Christmas with my granddad, and I would love another Christmas with my great-nana who died when I was 16 and never got to see me grown up. Next up: Santa. The big man himself. Because he can bring the presents and also explain some of the weird stocking fillers I got as a kid. I'd also want Nigella because her Christmas dinner is the best. Finally, I'd invite Mia Corvere from Nevernight because I'm going to need an assassin to help me set the world on fire. 

4 Books I Want Under my Tree this Christmas
I want to give you Christmassy books, but I'm not really a Christmas book person. I'm sorry đŸ™ˆ I'm going to make them wintry though. Forgive me? 

1. Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust. A dark retelling of the Snow White story. I am a big lover of a twisted winter tale. 
2.  Winter by Ali Smith. I adore wintery books and this one sounds delightful. 
3. Christmas Poems by Wendy Cope. I love this woman's poetry. 
4. A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars by Yaba Badoe. There needed to be some fire somewhere. 

3 Christmas Foods
I assume since it only says foods that I will still get to drink gin? Because gin is a Christmas staple. For foods I have to choose turkey cranberry sauce and bread sauce. They are the holy trinity of the Christmas sandwich. Yes, I put bread sauce on my sandwich. Shut up. It's the season of Eat All The Foods.

2 Christmas Films I Couldn't Live Without
The Nightmare Before Christmas. I watched this with my Auntie as a kid and I love it. No Christmas is complete without at least one viewing. 

The Snowman and the Snowdog. We've loved watching this with the little one and it's good to have a cuddle up under the blanket with a nice kids film. 

1 Christmas Song
It'll Be Lonely This Christmas. Not because I am a misery. I am, but there is a story behind this. My Granddad had a huge collection of singing Christmas decorations. One year, my Nana got rid of them all. So I bought him a new one. It was a basset hound, wearing a Santa hat that sang It'll Be Lonely This Christmas. Not only did he keep it out all Christmas, but it's never been put away since. When he was still alive he played it every day, and every time I hear this song it reminds me of this.

BIO: I am Charlotte, Somewhere: wife, mother Cocker Spaniel owner and someday Queen of the Universe. I can almost always be found with my face in a book and a coffee in hand. I also like writing, knitting, crafty things, baking, eating, walking, taking photos and nurturing a close relationship with my sofa and blankets.

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