All Finian Black Wants For Christmas Is...

5 people to spend Christmas with:

My wife, my two children - because they are the most special people in my life.
Bruce Springsteen - my favourite songwriter. There's a song for every mood and occasion.
King Arthur - the version that I invented for my book The Final Raven. I think we'd be good friends!

4 books I want under the tree:

La Belle Sauvage (Philip Pullman) - the His Dark Materials trilogy is one of the most remarkable things I've ever read.
The Girl Who Saved Christmas (Matt Haig) - Matt's Christmas books will become 'must reads' for many years to come.
A Christmas Carol (Dickens) - the original and best Christmas ghost story.
Mythos (Stephen Fry) - I'm so excited by this retelling of the Greek myths and legends. Can Stephen compare with Roger Lancelyn Green?

3 Christmas foods:

Sprouts (!!) - I absolutely love them. They're great on pizzas!
Mince pies - a bit obvious, but they are just so wonderful.
Baileys  - am I allowed a liquid food?

2 Christmas films I couldn't live without: 

Muppet Christmas Carol - an annual event in our house. Put up the tree, close the curtains, turn on the tree lights and settle back! 
Raiders of the Lost Ark - it reminds me of my childhood. Family get togethers, Christmas Day movies, eating too much!

1 Christmas song: 

Fairytale of New York (Pogues) - the best Christmas song of all time!

Finian Black writes middle grade books that are full of action, mystery and magic. THE FINAL RAVEN is available now in paperback and download. 'Plague is spreading across modern day Britain. Birds are dying. People are dying. Will friendship, love and belief be enough to stop what seems unstoppable?'

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