All Han (Queens of Geekdom) Wants For Christmas Is...

5 people you'd want to spend Christmas with 
1.Alan Rickman. This man kept me company when I felt like the loneliest teen in the world. To many, he was Snape, but to me he was everything that came before; Hans, Nottingham and even Jamie. In interviews, he seems so lovely and charming; a perfect house guest for the holidays. I’d discuss anything and everything with him, as I always felt that just being in his company would make you instantly smarter.
2.Domhnall Gleeson. What better time to charm my husband-to-be than at a time when mistletoe is looming?! In all seriousness; he’s truly funny and I could imagine spending a good chunk of Christmas evening playing Cards Against Humanity with him and knocking back the rum. He’d charm my mum and ask for seconds when it would come to dinner; but he’d offer to wash up, so I wouldn’t hold it against him that he can eat for Ireland.
3. Ford Prefect from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Ford is quite possibly one of my favourite literary characters ever created. I love his absurd nature and I’d be curious as to how he’d handle C.A.H alongside Domhnall and myself.
4. Kat Dennings. Double edged sword here; on the one hand, we’d get on like a house on fire. She’d also play a wicked hand during C.A.H and could drink Domhnall under the table. However, I would then have competition in the Domhnall stakes and that beautiful woman would most definitely win. I think I’ll take my chances, after all she may be able to introduce me to a plethora of available eye candy.
5.My mum, Lyn. I didn’t know our last Christmas was out last Christmas with her and I feel like I missed a trick there somewhere between my self-centredness and my usual teen angst. She was really ill, but hid how bad she was from everyone. I’d love her around the table, feet up, while I cooked and essentially spoiled her rotten. She wouldn’t have to do a thing, except enjoy herself and have a cheeky drink of vodka after the meal.

4 Books you want under your tree this Christmas (they don't have to be Christmassy but it would be preferable - the books also don't have to be YA, can be MG, Children's or Adult)
1.I’ll Be Home for Christmas. The anthology that includes writing from Holly Bourne and Juno Dawson. Although, I’d love to be able to open it on Christmas Eve so I could read it then.
2.Book of Fire Part 2 by Mich Kenney. I fell in love with the first book and I cannot wait to find out what happens. I know it’s not one that is available to be put under my tree but it would make me so very happy if it was.
3. Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed. I know it’s not the greatest of reads for the Christmas time, but it’s been on my list for a while now. However, I’m on a bit of a buying ban so it keeps staring at me from the books shelves during my weekly torture.
4. Almost Love by Louise O’Neil Another book that is not available yet, but I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands on as soon as physically possible. Louise is a wonderful writer and I’ve loved both of her books so far.

3 Christmas foods (You can only choose 3 foods to eat around Christmas time, what would you choose?)
1.Sprouts fried with bacon and chestnuts I’ve always loved this Christmas controversial veg. Ever since my brother and I went and had a pre-Christmas dinner at Jamie’s Italian, I’ve prepared my greens in this way. Halved or shredded, I’m never bothered. However, they do need the nuttiness of those chestnuts to just make them that little bit special.
2. Jelly orange and lemon slices. As a child, my parents didn’t have much money. From September onwards, they would add one box of sweets or chocolate to the weekly shop so that come Christmas, we had a decent selection to see us through the holidays.
3 Salt fish. Okay, so while you all have your smoked salmon or bacon butties on Christmas morning… I’ll be having hot salted cod with thickly buttered bread. Christmas Eve, early in the morning, I always head into Liverpool city centre and to the only fish mongers left in St John’s Market.
It’s left to soak overnight; making sure to change the water at least twice before being boiled. It’s a traditional breakfast in my house. It used to be shared between myself and my mum, but my dad now takes her share. I’ll let you all into a secret though; while I love eating it… it’s the buying of it that makes it even more special for me now. Getting into the city centre so early; there’s a blissful calm that washes over you and it makes sure I start the Christmas just right.

2 Christmas films you couldn't live without (As long as it's based around the Christmas holidays, that's fine - mine are The Holiday and The Grinch!)
1. Die Hard I have two Christmas t-shirts for this film; I love it that much. Now I’m older, I do try and reserve my watching of it for the Christmas period, however during my time in 6th form I watched it every Friday night for 6 months, without fail.
The Christmassy aspect of Die Hard is very subtle, but it’s certainly someone that makes the movie; venture beyond the second outing and it’s hard to call it a ‘Die Hard’; those first beats of ‘summer in the city’ ruin the tone of ‘… with a vengeance’

2. Scrooged. Bill Murray riffing on the Dickens’ classic; what’s not to love. From the issuing of a VCR as an extravagant gift, to Carole Cane’s belly farts… I will never tire of this yule-tide movie. About three years ago, things changed for me with this film; I got to the final scenes and I cried my eyes out. Never, in any viewing of this tale have I understood the power of the character Tiny Tim.

1 Christmas song (Only one Christmas song you can listen to on repeat around Christmas!)
1. Bing Crosby and David Bowie “Little Drummer Boy” This was a hard one to answer and I knew I couldn’t go for my past favourites, some for reasons out of my hand, others because I’ve played them to death myself when they’ve been that year’s ‘it’ song for me. So I’ve gone for a voice, rather than a song. I couldn’t tell you any of the lyrics beyond ‘peace on earth…’ but I do find comfort in the crooning voices of Bing and David.

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