All Perdita & Honor Cargill Want for Christmas Is...

5 people to spend Christmas with

/Users/honor/Desktop/IMG-0149.JPG1: OK we’re going to count our family as 1 person because everyone breaks the rules at Christmas don’t they? (Is that just us? *hides all board games)
2: Eulalie. OK she’s a character from our books (Elektra’s wildly extravagant French step-grandmother) but we’d have to invite her because nobody parties or hands out gifts or mixes martinis better than Eulalie.
3: The ghost not of Christmas past but of dogs past. We miss our dog, Scraps, very much especially at Christmas, so if we could be allowed him back for even one day that would be the best (we’d promise not to torture him with wind up stocking toys, he was terrified of them, canine wimp).
/Users/honor/Desktop/images-1.jpg4: And now we’ve broken the only-the-living rule, we’d like Jane Austen too. We’d do our best to persuade her to write another novel and then we could ‘discover’ it and bring joy to the world (& Honor could try and persuade her to change the ending of Mansfield Park).
5: Father Christmas because he deserves to sit and chill and have someone cook his lunch and tell him he’s done an amazing job working out just what everyone wanted and, seriously, how does he just know?

4 books we’d want under our Christmas tree

1: Obviously that ‘new’ Jane Austen (see above)…
2: We’ve written the third and last Waiting for Callback so it would be nice to find our next book (or, if Santa was in the mood, series) pre-written, beautifully edited, proofed and packaged, basically PERFECT, under the tree. Or, would it? Weirdly, we quite enjoy the pain of writing them…
3: New books by all our friends early (author perks). The newest offering from the Corr sisters and just looking at the funny teen genre - Katy Birchall’s new series, anything by Beth Garrod or Chloe Seager or Simon Green or Tom Easton or Jenny McLachlan, we could go on and on.
4: Honor can bake, I (Perdita) can’t so maybe a book that finally teaches me? (Honor: it’s because she gets bored and doesn’t follow the recipe…)

p.s. Because books under the Christmas tree are so lovely we’re giving away a wrapped and signed copy of Waiting for Callback, see below for details!

3 Christmas foods:

/Users/honor/Desktop/download-3.jpg1: Chocolate (both). Honor even does our title reveals with chocolate
2: Sprouts (Perdita)
3: Anything but sprouts (Honor)

2 Christmas films we couldn’t live without


1: Mean Girls has to count because of the Jingle Bell Rock scene (tough look to pull off).
2: Elf (not even going to try and justify that one).

1 Christmas song

OK, this was tricky because it had to be one we could both agree on. Let’s not unpick the lyrics but… Santa Baby!

Thank you so much for asking us to take part in No Safer Place’s Christmas Blog! We had a lot of fun doing this together xx

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