Today, I have the pleasure of a fangirling session over dinosaurs with Susan Wilson, author of the incredible The Extinction Trials. This book has made a real impact on me and if you keep up to date with my social media this week, you'll probably see just how much I love this book. It's the only YA book I've read that is focused around dinosaurs, so of course I grilled Susan on everything dinosaurs for my stop on The Extinction Trials blog tour.

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ZC: What is your favourite land dinosaur?
SMW: Always the T-rex.  I love the scariness and complete terror of the T-rex.  I love all films that feature a rampaging T-rex.

ZC: What is your favourite period? Jurassic, Triassic or Cretaceous?
SMW: Don’t make me pick.  I’ve mixed and muddled dinosaurs from all three onto my continent.  I thought about trying to stick to one but that was too boring.  I decided this was my world, my continents and I could determine the timelines for these dinosaurs!

ZC: Least favourite dinosaur?
SMW: Let’s go for the giant crocodile type one that lies in the swamps, waiting for prey.  It’s called the deinosuchus.

ZC: What is your favourite flying dinosaur?
SMW: Do you know that pterodactyl isn’t a real kind of dinosaur?  Apparently we’re not supposed to call pterosaurs flying dinosaurs as it’s not scientifically correct.  But I’m going to declare it my favourite flying dinosaur because it’s on every dinosaur poster that I’ve ever seen.

ZC: If you could have any dinosaur as a domesticated pet, what would it be?
SMW: Lets go for the Aquilops.  It’s the smallest horned, frilled dinosaur and was only around 3lb. Perfect size for a pet!  Apparently its descendants turned into the triceratops.  It might come up in a future story….

ZC: What is your favourite water dinosaur?
SMW: It has to be Milo!  My plesiosaur that lives in the lake near where Storm stays.  Some people think that the legend of the Loch Ness monster is based on a plesiosaur…

ZC: If you could bring back one dinosaur from extinction, what would it be?
SMW:   It has to be the scariest one out there – it has to be the T-rex, doesn't it?

ZC: What inspired you to write a book focused around dinosaurs?
SMW: My kids. I was trying to encourage my boys to read.  I bought book after book and nothing really captured their attention.  I asked them what they wanted to read and was told, Young Indiana Jones, Young Lara Croft and Dinosaurs!

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