I've known Rebecca for a while now and she's fast become one of my closest blogger friends; we really have accomplished so much together. So when she messaged me and told me she was thinking of starting her own bookish candle company, I pushed her to do it in any way that I could. She is so creative and artistic, I knew she'd be absolutely perfect for the job.

We discussed how only fantasy books seem to get candles, and it always seems to be the same ones. (No offence Rhysand, but we're bloody sick to death of seeing your scent in candle form). Which is why I was so excited to hear some of Rebecca's ideas - books we love that never get the recognition they deserve

I was lucky enough to be sent some of these gorgeous candles before her shop opens to the public at the end of the month! I will also be doing a reaction video to her candles very soon and I will be revealing one of her designs to you all for the very first time - I'm opening this live on camera - prepare for the excitement, they'll be bundles of it. 

So let's get down to what you want to see. The products

The first is this gorgeous Jurassic Park (yes, you read that right - Jurassic freaking Park!) themed candle. This is scented with sea breeze, orange blossom and mango. You genuinely feel like you're outside when you smell this candle; it has such a refreshing scent that is so reminiscent of nature.

The second is this Hunger Games themed inspired candle. This is scented with woodland, cocoa and log fire. I'm being honest here, this is the most incredible scented candle I've ever smelt. There's a candle I got sent to review which was £50 (!) and this candle smelt very similar to it - but stronger! This is probably my favourite candle ever and for a small fraction of the price and the fact that it's bookish? Think I know which one I'll be going with...

Rebecca has done amazingly with her first two candles and I'm so excited to reveal the third because it definitely does not disappoint. If you want to keep up to date with everything Taken Moons, you can do so here.

Also, if you purchase this month's Wildest Dreams Book Box, there just may be a discount included in the box for when the online store opens. Use code: TAKENMOONS15 for a discount off this month's box! There may be a Taken Moons candle in one of our future boxes, who knows...

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