Blogging has always been a hobby for me; there is no doubt about that. I had been blogging for two years (on and off), when the opportunity came to take on blogging (and YouTubing) full-time. It was a terrifying, but exciting prospect for me. I'd never been paid for a blog post; I had no idea what a DA was; I had no idea how to get into contact with PRs - it was all completely new for me.

In the 3 years I've worked as a blogger, I've only taken on a handful of sponsored posts. Not from lack of opportunity; but as a blog reader myself, I've always found the line between sponsored content and original content, a fine one. 

Over the past 12 months, I have found some websites and blogger networks that have been invaluable to helping me learn about things like my DA score, getting me in touch with companies, and helping me meet some amazing bloggers along the way. There are three main networks I've used over the past year, that I'd highly recommend.

1. GetBlogged

"Get Blogged is the easiest solution for bloggers wanting to monetise their blogs, and for brands, businesses and agencies needing help with, or wanting to outsource their outreach in a cost effective way."

What I love about GetBlogged is the ease of it. It's so easy to sign up. It instantly tells you what your DA score is, and everything you need to know about it (as a newbie, this took a while to get my head around!). There are usually around 30-40 assignments at one-time; all split into categories, price and the domain authority you need to apply. There is definitely something for everyone: fashion, dating, lifestyle, blogging - the opportunities for paid blogging are endless

2. Chronic Illness Bloggers

"Whether you focus on a single chronic illness or your blog aims to help those with any chronic illness, we are here to help you grow and connect."

I've only recently found this website and I absolutely love it. There are a few requirements you have to meet to be accepted here; but it's definitely worth it. You get sent an email every time there's a new assignment, where you can decide if it's for you and apply to however many that suit you. I've never seen many paid opportunities for chronic illness sufferers like myself, so this one was a real gold mine when I found it.

3. Bloggers Required

"Bloggers Required is a Worldwide blogging community that connects brands & bloggers via blogging assignments to help with blogger and influencer outreach."

Bloggers Required was the first network I found as a blogger. There are no requirements to sign up to this one and it's simple to use. They offer a wide range of assignments, in a variety of categories. From reviewing products, to paid posts, to competitions - there is a lot of choice. Obviously, this one is a larger network, so your success rate is naturally, slightly lower on here. You can also use this one to make your blog grow; by hosting giveaways and posting assignments yourself!

As I say, I'm very particular about which brands I choose to work with, and how often I do sponsored posts. I think the most important thing to remember when doing sponsored posts is: only promote brands you love. I know the monetary side of things is appealing, but I always try to remember that blogging is my hobby; being paid for it is just a massive unexpected bonus I never dreamed would happen when I first started blogging. 


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  1. Thank you for this Zoe! I'd really love to get involved with Chronic Illness Bloggers so hopefully they'll approve me!