Guest Post: The Middle Ages (Mirror Magic Blog Tour)

 Hello everybody! Today, I have the amazing Claire Fayers on my blog, talking about her new book, Mirror Magic. I am so in love with this book, which is why I'm so excited to have Claire on my blog talking all thing magic in the Middle Ages.

Mirror Magic imagines a world exactly like our own but with one big difference – magic exists. Fairy mirrors connect us to the Unworld where the Fair Folk have promised to provide magical goods and services to anyone who asks.
The story starts in 1842, when most mirrors have stopped working and only one small town on the border of Wales and England still has access to the Unworld. The Wyse Weekly Mirror (expertly designed by Jess at Macmillan Children’s Books) gives an insight into daily happenings in the last town of magic.
But what of other time periods?
What would newspapers look like if, for example, the Middle Ages had magic (and newspapers)?

Doomsday Book ‘not to include the Unworld’
King William 1 of England has confirmed that the Doomsday Book will contain information on the mortal world only and will not include the corresponding Unworld towns. It will however contain details of every magic mirror in England.
“The book is a massive undertaking,” said a spokesman for the King, “and including the Unworld will double the workload.”
The Unworld welcomed the news with its usual indifference. “Your king does not rule the Unworld,” one blue-haired man said. “He can count what he likes. It makes no difference to us.”

Magna Carta Signature Vanishes
The Council of Conjurors is demanding an explanation after the King’s signature on the Magna Carta vanished days after he signed it.
The document, promising protection for the church and conjurors was signed after much argument and disagreement. The King, it is said, never liked it.
Now, it seems, he used fairy ink to sign the treaty, knowing the ink would vanish over time. Without a signature, he claims, he is not bound by any of the promises contained therein.
The Council of Conjurors disagree. Whether the ink faded or not is immaterial. What matters is that the King did sign the treaty and there are many witnesses.
Unfortunately, all witnesses have gone into hiding.

Black Death – An Unworld Plague
The Black Death currently ravaging Europe may be the result of Unworld rats brought in with a shipment of enchanted cloth.
Several magic mirrors have been burned in an attempt to contain the plague but it has had little, if any, effect. And, far from discouraging the fashion for Unworld goods, conjurors have been busier than ever, ordering enchanted handkerchiefs and posies of flowers to protect the bearer from infection.
The Unworld has denied all responsibility for the plague but, as we all know, fairies cannot be trusted.

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