My head is spinning,
My thoughts are racing,
Time stops still,
I can't stop pacing.

Time to be brave,
Time to be strong,
How can something so right,
Feel so wrong?

This fear I have,
It's something new,
I've changed for the better,
And that's because I know you.

You've taught me patience,
You've taught me strength,
Never knew love for a father,
Could feel this intense. 

Things will be okay, 
And I'll be with you soon,
Holding your hand,
In your hospital room.

Everything I've been through,
You've been by my side,
Now the tables have turned,
A change of the tide.

Life can be difficult,
But I'm lucky, you know,
I found a dad, a friend,
And now? My hero. 

Written 20th December 2018.

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