London has always been one of my favourite cities in the world. Even though it's only 30 minutes on a train for me, it still feels special every time that I visit. I'm a massive foodie, and have been to many restaurants and bars in the city, and I thought I'd share some of my favourite places to go in this blog post.

There are a range of cuisines, and a real range of prices - so you'll definitely find at least one place on my list of favourites to suit you!

All of the eateries listed below can be found at Square Meal. Square Meal is a great website which lists thousands of restaurants, bars, wedding & party venues in one place; with reviews, contact information - and a really great reward scheme.

1. Dishoom - Dishoom pays loving homage to the Irani caf├ęs that were once part of the fabric of life in Bombay. 

There are several Dishoom's around the UK, and every one that I've visited is beautiful. The decor, the atmosphere, the food - it's perfect. When I step into the Dishoom at King's Cross, the aroma is so warm and comforting; and the experience is like no other. The main menu is vast, and they have a breakfast and vegan menu - which I think is definitely worth a mention. Dishoom is usually my go-to place whenever I'm in London, as it's accessible, affordable - but still feels like a treat.

MY GO TO ORDER: Chicken Ruby (£10.90), Plain Naan (£3.20), Basmati Rice (£3.20)

2. Tea and Tattle - Tea and Tattle is a London tea room with unique character and charm. We specialise in providing good quality Afternoon Tea at an affordable price.

My mum found this quirky little tea room at the back of an Oriental and African bookshop, just opposite The British Museum. It quickly became one of my favourite sandwich stops. The tea room is very basic, but the food and drinks are anything but. The first time I went, I did a short vlog about it. There is an assortment of sandwiches, and a huge variety of teas to try (or just English Breakfast if you're traditional, like me!).

MY GO TO ORDER: Cream Cheese, Chives and Cucumber Sandwich (£4.40), Tea and Scone (£7.50)

3. Franco Manca - Franco Manca is a sourdough Neapolitan pizza business operating over 40 pizzeria in the UK and Italy.

There are a few Franco Manca's dotted around London, and it's one of the more reasonable options from my list of favourites. I found it by chance one day, to get away from the rain - and was absolutely thrilled. The prices are some of the cheapest I've seen in a restaurant in London; and although the restaurants are casual, the atmosphere is lovely. Sourdough pizza has fast become my go-to pizza because of this place - some of the best I've ever tasted. Although the menu isn't huge, there is definitely something for everyone - they offer vegan, and gluten free choices.

MY GO TO ORDER: Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Pizza (£6.55), Garlic Bread (£4.05)

4. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. - The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Restaurant and Market is an American seafood restaurant chain inspired by the 1994 film Forrest Gump.

I visited the New York's Bubba Gump restaurant when I was younger, so I was thrilled to find one in the heart of London. Forrest Gump is one of my favourite films, and you genuinely feel as though you've been transported to the set of the film when you walk into this restaurant. It is very pricey - but you can always find deals on Wowcher or Groupon. The food is top-notch in my opinion, and is really, feel-good homey food. Although it's predominately seafood, there are a few other fish-free options, if you're not a seafood fan like me. Also - if you like souvenirs, this is the place for you!

MY GO TO ORDER: Frizzled Onion Rings (£5.90), Mama's Southern Fried Chicken with Corn, Mash and Gravy (£17.50)

5. Il Castelletto - Located in London’s one of the most historical corners, just a few steps away from Holborn tube station, overlooking the British Museum, Castelletto is a small Mediterranean oasis away from the city frenzy.

This restaurant was another chance find whilst walking around London with my mum (can you tell we do that a lot?), and is a real old-fashioned Italian restaurant. Serving all the classics, as well as some more unknown dishes - this place is a must if you like Italian food. I always like to try independent Italians, as opposed to always visiting the same chains one; and this one is authentic, homely, and absolutely delicious.

MY GO TO ORDER: Pasta Napoletana (£8.45)

6. Banyan on the Thames - Rafayel on the Left Bank provides the perfect setting for any occasion. Our professional team of event managers will take care of every detail, ensuring that your event will be one to remember. 

This restaurant is in a 5-Star Hotel, on the outskirts of London. This hotel will always hold a special place in my heart as it's where I got engaged; and where we've spent every anniversary of our engagement since. It's a boutique hotel, and is absolutely beautiful. If aesthetically pleasing takes your fancy, this is the place for you. I've have only ever used the room service, (do people ever really leave their hotels once they've checked in?) and was completely blown away with quality of the food. It is quite expensive, but that is to expected at such a luxurious hotel.

MY GO TO ORDER: Banyan Beef Burger (£12.00), Chunky Chips (£4.00)

There are obviously thousands of lovely restaurants and bars that I'm yet to try, so I'd love to know what some of your favourites are, and why. 


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