Today, I am so excited to be hosting a guest post from Rebecca Thornton, author of Your Guilty Secret, for the book's blog tour. In this post, Rebecca shares with us where she loves to write, and how her second book's writing location completely differed from her first...

Thank you so much to Rebecca for letting me part of her blog tour today, and I hope you all enjoy this post!

Where I Love to Write by Rebecca Thornton

My kids think there’s a ghost in our house. They think it lives in the spare room and they’ve point blank refused to go in there since we moved in. I am not sure why they think this. I don’t recall leading them to believe such a thing. Nor do I feel any sort of presence in there. It just feels like quite a normal space to me – a bright, sunny area, marred by a load of unopened cardboard boxes stacked against the walls.

This – to me – makes it the perfect place to work. A place in my own home, where I can be all alone, and not have sticky hands bashing on my keypad, demanding to watch videos of whatever superhero they might be obsessing over at that point in time. 

My second novel, Your Guilty Secret - about Lara King, an A list celebrity whose life unravels in the full glare of the public eye took a long time to write. It was a completely different writing process to my first novel too – The Exclusives – which was written in a crowded cafĂ©. This time – I needed total silence so I’d shut the door, in the supposedly haunted room, and hunker down.

It takes quite a while for me to get into the working mindset – this involves a long time aimlessly surfing the internet (social media and any interesting news stories from that day, if you must know.) Once my brain has been doped up with all of that, I’m ready to focus. I write in short bursts. Then I need to stop for a bit and start again. I’m not sure if it’s the product of the above aimless surfing, but my attention span is not very long and I end up making about ten cups of tea a day.

When the kids get home they ask me where I’ve been. I shrug my shoulders.
“Working,” I say. But of course, I don’t tell them where. 

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