4 Great Careers Related to Books

If you love books, you might think that getting to work with them is just a pipe dream. It seems ridiculous that you could be surrounded by books all day. But if you're determined to work with books, there are various options that you might consider so you can feed your passion at work. Bookshop Staff/Bookseller Working in a shop might not be everyone's idea of a dream job. However, it's a great opportunity to work around books, share your passion for books with customers, and perhaps even get a great discount on the books you buy.

You could even start your own shop. Literary Agent Literary agents represent authors, helping to promote their works to publishers in the hope of getting them published. As a literary author, you will get to read manuscripts that cross your desk, but you will also have to spend time schmoozing and getting to know publishers. Publisher Publishers get to decide which novels, poems, non-fiction works and anything else get to be turned into actual publications. Most people don't start off having the power to decide what does and doesn't get published, however. You might work as a copyeditor or a publishing assistant. Librarian Librarians also get to spend their time around books. If you're thinking of being a librarian, you should also have an interest in data, information and its management. Modern librarians need computer skills so that they can help to manage library systems and provide assistance with library technology too.

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