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Hello everybody, and welcome to the final week of Mid-Week Motivate & Create. I've had the best time working on this series with designbundles. This week's activity is definitely something all members of the family can enjoy, and participate in. This week, I'm making family prints.

For this post, I used the Build a Family bundle, which is just under £10, and comes with over 600 files! Whether you have ten children, or your family is just you and your partner - you can definitely utilise this bundle. I chose to do my sister, future brother in law, and niece and nephew; as I thought it might bring a smile to their faces.

This bundle genuinely quite scared me when I opened it - it's absolutely filled with body shapes, skin tones, clothes, hairstyles; there is a lot. But what I loved about this bundle is that nothing needed resizing and everything was easy to navigate; which made playing around with this bundle a lot more fun. And a lot easier for younger children to get involved too.

I used Photofiltre (as always) to work on the print today. Photofiltre is a free editing software which you can download online. Everything I design is from Photofiltre, and I'd highly recommend it. It's a simpler version of Photoshop - but a more advanced version of paint.

I started with an A4 landscape, as it seems that the default sizes of the PNG files are made to fit that image size (Width: 3508 x Height: 2480). I did try using the mother and father, but I actually found using the Child 5 option for the mum and the dad worked much better - plus all the "adult" hairstyles still fitted perfectly onto this child option.

I found starting with the adults first was best, as then it's easier to work out what size the children should be in comparison (if you have them!). My niece is only 11, but is almost the same height as her mum...and already taller than her auntie Zo!

All you need to do is copy and paste to your heart's content, and move the PNG files around. As long as your child knows how to copy and paste - they can have fun with this designing themselves, and their family, for hours! Once I was happy with my design, I hadn't quite made the family central, so I cropped it down ever so slightly and copied it onto a fresh A4 landscape, and it looked much better.

The cropped photo on an A4 background
You can then make the background transparent using this website that does it for you, to get it printed onto anything you'd like - or you can print it yourself onto card like I did, and frame it for yourself, or a family member. I think this would really put a smile on someone's face at the moment - so it's the perfect time to do it. It really does look so lovely when it's finished.

And that is it for this series! I really hope you've enjoyed it, as I've loved creating new projects every week, and my friends and family have seemed to like them too. I hope you're all keeping safe and well; and keeping those hands, and minds busy.
Zoe x


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