Make Your Own Bracelets | Mid-week Motivate & Create

Hi everyone! I hope you're all keeping safe and well. I'm back with another edition of Mid-Week Motivate & Create! This series was made to keep hands, and mind busy at this already difficult time - with low-cost, fun ideas for all the family. Everything I've used today will be from designbundles. You should definitely check out their website - they have some truly inspiring bundles on there!

If you know me, you'll know that I'm a huge lover of making bracelets. There's something really therapeutic about making them, and the satisfaction and pride you feel looking at the end result is amazing. So today, I'm going to show you how to design bracelets - and attempt to show you how to make knots (I'm quite a knot novice myself!).

The bundle I used today is the Watercolour Pink Nebula collection - and I am utterly obsessed with this pack. I've made two bracelet designs today, but there were so many options available with this set. Wolves are one of my favourite animals, so when I saw a galaxy wolf in this bundle, I knew I had to create something with it!

Like last week, I used Photofiltre (a free editing software, available to download online) to create the backing card designs. I simply chose the silhouette I wanted, and copied and pasted it onto my blank backing card in Photofiltre. You can make it any size you'd like, but I usually use W: 970 x H: 1240 for mine, and trim and chop from there once printed.

I then added a quote that I liked, and copied and pasted the complete design onto a blank A4 page in Photofiltre (Size - W: 2480 and H: 3508). Try to make sure the resolution is set to 300, as it makes the quality of the pictures so much clearer.

I then used a mini guillotine to make clear cut edges for the bracelet backing card - but scissors are more than sufficient for this part!

Then the bracelet making begins.  Cut a piece of elastic cord, thread, hem cord to around 8-9 inches - anything you can find; but the stretchier, the better. I have a large selection of charms, but you could use absolutely anything. They're very cheap to buy online, but you could definitely use any beads you had lying around the house - or even something like pasta! Thread your chosen charm through and then the knot tying begins.

Step-by-step on how to tie a simple knot
I'll be honest - I am terrible at knots; absolutely terrible. So I used the most simple knot I could find. Please see the picture below to find a step-by-step of how I do my knots. But as long as it stays together - do whatever works for you; whether that be a fancy knot, like a sliding one; or something simplistic like mine.

Once the bracelet has been tied, slip it onto the pre-cut backing card and adjust it so it's in the desired place, and the charm is in the centre. I then placed mine into plastic pockets to keep them protected. And your bracelet is complete!

These make lovely gifts, and they're so thoughtful. You can add people's names, use their favourite animal - make it as personal as you wish. I would love to see any bracelets you make, so feel free to send photos across on social media.

Join me again next Wednesday, for part two of Mid-Week Motivate & Create! And please send me anything you make.
Stay safe.
Zoe x


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