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Hi everyone! You may have clicked on this post to find some motivation, to gain some ideas, or simply get stuck in, and start being creative. If you're here for any of those reasons - you've come to the right place! Being stuck indoors all day, without seeing friends or family, is incredibly difficult. So I thought I'd start a craft series to keep your hands, and mind busy during these uncertain times.

Everything I've used today (and for the rest of the series) is from the fabulous designbundles. I found just looking at this website alone was enough to ignite the creative spark in me again. I wanted to create things that were accessible to all; and fun for all. So the first product I'll be making in the craft series, is greeting cards!

There's probably a few people in your life right now that you'd like to make smile, and let them know you're thinking of them; so I used the Motivational Quotes Bundle, and 150 Hand-Drawn Floral Illustrations, to create the greeting cards I'm going to show you today - and I'll be sending them to all my loved ones who I'm missing so very much right now.

I used an editing software today, called PhotoFiltre. It's free, and available to download online - but you could even use something as simple as Paint; as the files themselves are so versatile, and easy to use. The measurements I'm using for this post are for A5 cards - but you can make them any size at all!

For A5 cards, you create a new page that's W: 1754 and H: 2480. Then I simply opened the PNG files, and explored them to my heart's content. For my example below, I chose a wreath from the floral bundle, and the saying "enjoy the little things" from the motivation bundle. I simply copied and pasted it onto the page I had created earlier; moved them around, and resized them until I was happy. I then created another new page (A4 this time), which is W: 3508 and H: 2480. I copied and pasted my finished design and made sure it was on the right hand side of the page (the left half being blank). That way when you print it, it folds the correct way, as a normal card would. (That is a mistake I learnt the hard way when first making cards!)

If you're struggling with the software side of things (I understand not all of us are great at navigating technology) - simply print the files you'd like to use out, and go wild with some good old fashioned scissors and glue!

I made several designs, and had a lot of fun doing so. There are so many options to choose from using just these two bundles, and once they're printed (I just used my standard printer), they're lovely to send messages to loved ones, or for children to decorate inside. Mine are sitting pretty on my bookcase at the moment, and they're lovely little words of encouragement to look up and see. I think we could all do with a bit of positivity right now; and this is the perfect way to spread it, whilst keeping yourselves (and little ones) occupied.

Join me again next Wednesday, for part two of Mid-Week Motivate & Create! And please send me anything you make. Stay safe. 
Zoe x


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