The dark, it's unwavering.
The fear, it's all-encompassing.
The dread, it's never-ending.
The worry, it's unfaltering.

The tide is coming in,
I struggle, it pulls me deeper.
My head's above the water,
But my body's getting weaker.

The first lick of flame, 
I feel warmth at my feet,
They creep up my body,
It's unbearable heat.

The beauty of ice, 
I can't resist the touch,
It takes over my body,
It becomes too much.

The man dressed in black,
Lingering like a shadow.
Feeding off my sadness,
Lapping up my sorrow.

The edge of the precipice,
Have I admitted defeat?
I take a step back,
I will not be beat.

The light, it's inviting.
The hope, it's intoxicating.
The happiness, it's enticing.
The future? It's tempting.

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