Jaques Giant Tumble Tower Review

I hope everyone's had a great Christmas and looking forward to the new year. I had a bit of an unconventional Christmas this year, because I've been isolating with covid. It's meant my husband and I have had plenty of quality time - which has meant one thing. Copious amounts of playing games. Which worked out perfectly, because Jaques were kind enough to send me a game of my choice, in return for an honest review. 

Jaques are actually the oldest games company in the world! Did you know that we have Jaques to thank for inventing some of the most loved games such as Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Happy Families and more? They've been inventing and making games since the late 1700's. Many of their products are Wooden Toys, which are made from 100% sustainably sourced wood. This gives them a real traditional feel.

The toy I chose was the Giant Tumble Tower. The tumbling tower (sometimes known as Jenga) has always been one of my favourite toys; especially growing up. It's a game that's super easy to play, and usually gets everyone involved; young and old. The game has always reminded me of togetherness - so I was definitely excited to play a giant version!

When it arrived, I was surprised at how small the box was. I couldn't believe that such a huge game could be compacted into such a small bag - but I was wrong! It comes in a beautiful canvas storage bag (with handles), so space isn't an issue if you live in a small flat, like me. My kitten, Lillie, also loved the bag and jumped straight in once I removed the blocks and started to build the tower. 

It's marketed as an outdoor game, but I've had plenty of fun with it indoors, so it's definitely perfect for any time of the year. When using the 63 blocks included, it stands at 25" tall and at it's peak, can get to 3ft tall! I'll be honest, I'm terrible at this game and I've not been able to reach those heights quite yet. 

When playing, it's incredibly sturdy, which actually makes the game a little more difficult than the standard version. There's not too much wiggle room in the blocks - so it makes for an interesting game if you have no hand-eye coordination like me! If you have a little one, it'll be great for helping develop their hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. 

The Jaques Giant Tumbling Tower is currently on sale for £31.99 (so it's the perfect time to make your purchase!). I was apprehensive as to whether the product would be as luxurious as it's marketed as, and I wasn't disappointed. You can feel the quality in every brick - so it's not difficult to see why the product's a best seller.

My husband and I had a lot of fun with this over Christmas, and my family have since been over when our isolation ended and the kids loved it just as much as I did! It's a game for all the family, and reminds me of togetherness just as much as it did when I was a child myself.


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