Today, I am super excited to be posting a cover reveal on my blog. I feel like I've been waiting for this book for so long. In reality? It hasn't been that long - but I am so hyped for this book, and can not wait to see what lies in store next for a world and characters that I have fallen so in love with.

I imagine some of you will be reading this at YALC, and if you are - this is extra exciting for you. Keep reading to find out why...

I reviewed a book last year, called Book of Fire by Michelle Kenney. I was absolutely blown away by it, and have been anxiously awaiting the sequel ever since. So today, I am very excited to be revealing the official cover for Michelle's brand new book, CITY OF DUST.

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?! I am already obsessed.

Life in Arafel is no longer safe. Not since August’s disappearance, and whispers of a ghost controlling Pantheon.

Meanwhile, Talia stands torn between secretive twin, Eli, and best friend, Max.

Betrayal forces Talia to leave the sanctuary of her forest home as she pursues the stolen Book of Arafel. A book which could destroy the freedom of all those she loves if it falls into the wrong hands. And when she enters the ancient ruined city of Isca, she fights to protect the vulnerable from the iron grip of the Pantheon, while learning to fight for the man she loves. 

But with the shadow of the Black Aquila looming ever closer, will she put the freedom of others above her own, or will she follow her heart?

This is Michelle Kenney’s thrilling second instalment in the Book of Fire Trilogy.

And if you're at YALC? Here's where it gets exciting! Head over to the Harper Collins stand NOW where they're giving out free samplers of City of Dust, and have a chat with Michelle herself! I can't wait for this book and I highly recommend you delving into the first, before the second is released on 2nd October 2018.

You can pre-order the book here: CITY OF DUST

However you're spending this weekend, I hope you're having fun and staying cool! Until next time...


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