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Hello everybody, I'm back with the third week of Mid-Week Motivate and Create. I hope you're all keeping safe and well. I'm so excited for this week's post, as I had a lot of fun designing this. For those of you who don't know, my sister is due to get married at the end of August (fingers crossed!). I'm her maid (matron, I know - but that does really make me sound old!) of honour, and my niece is her bridesmaid. So when I saw the Bridesmaid Clip Art bundle, I knew I had to design something for her wedding.

This pack from designbundles comes with 16 different hair styles, and you can choose from a variation of skin tones. Me, my sister, and my niece are all blonde and pale - so not much ! The pack is so easy to navigate, and besides a few images to resize, it's really fun to explore.

As usual, I used Photofiltre to design my image (Photofiltre is a simpler version of Photoshop - but is free!), but you could quite easily use paint, or any other software you might have on your computer.

I opened a new project with the dimensions, Width: 3508 x Height: 2480 (this is a standard A4 landscape). You then open the images you wish to use, and copy and paste to your heart's content. I left the sizing of the bodies the same, but I did struggle a bit with sizing of the heads - I used Width: 400 x Height: 560 if you want the same measurements! I also added some font at the bottom of mine, but you can use whatever you'd like on your design.

Once you're happy with your design, you can crop out any white bits at the sides (if you have any), and this next step is really important. You must make the background transparent. The photos below show you how to make your background transparent on Photofiltre (left is transparent, and right is normal), or alternatively, you can use this website, which does it for you. This ensures that when the design is printed onto anything, you only have the outlines of your bridal party.

This is where I may have cheated slightly! If like me, you enjoy being creative, but you're not quite Kirstie Allsopp's level yet - this is what eBay is for! You can buy anything on there from iron on transfers, to mugs, to tote bags; absolutely anything. I bought a personalised tote bag for £4.99 with my finished design on - and it is beautiful.

Next I'll be ordering iron on transfers to iron on to the back of the t-shirts we wear to get ready in when the day comes. You could even just print out the design on a greeting card, and give it to the bride on her big day - see how I made greeting cards here.

There's so much you can do with the design once it's complete, and I hope my sister loves it as much as I do. Whenever she does get married, this maid of honour will be ready and raring to go.

Join me again next Wednesday, for part four of Mid-Week Motivate & Create! And please send me anything you make.
Stay safe.
Zoe x


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